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Adirondack Bear Chair Info


Original Bear Chair LogoThe Original Adirondack Bear Chair is a North-American outdoor furniture classic made from Western Red Cedar by The Bear Chair Company in South River, Ontario, Canada. Red Cedar is superior to any other wood for outdoor furniture: it is weather-resistant for decades, extremely light, straight-grained and strong as oak and its essential oils exude a beautiful scent.










You can leave the chairs the way they are. They will acquire their typical silver-grey patina within one season. This does not shorten their life-span. The high content of essential oils in Western Red Cedar protects the wood from decay, moss and insects. This is the cheapest and most time-saving way to enjoy your Bear Chairs.


Adirondack Chair tete-a-teteIf you don't like the grey patina, we recommend the treatment with the translucent alkyd resin stain Sikkens Cetol HLS Extra which is available in specialised paint stores or from us in several tones. After a few years you  should repeat the procedure with Sikkens Cetol Maintenance a clear coating that renews the weather protection of your chair but keeps the wood grain visible.

If you decide to stain your furniture with Cetol, it is advisable to sand it with a 100-120 grit sandpaper, and if you are a stickler for perfection finish it with a 180 grit. You will be rewarded with a beautiful glow of the grain through the translucent varnish. The smoother the surface is sanded the nicer the furniture will look afterwards and for many years to come. 

 Adirondack Chair Shipping BoxWe ship all Adirondack items as kits in their original boxes, but we can also assemble them for you. Please contact us with all your questions and inquiries at markus.philipp@ontaria.de or +49 611 360-6260